HDR Photography

One of the reasons that I enjoy photography is that it gives me an opportunity to share my adventures and experience.  For example, I have been fortunate in fulfilling one of my other great passions: travel. Last year, while working across the country, I was able to take a few side trips in locations like Chicago, Buffalo, the Big Island of Hawaii, and Toronto. I also had a chance to meet some really nice people along the way. I enjoy capturing subjects that people may normally overlook. Now, wherever I go, I usually have a camera with me. You never know what you will see! I no longer shoot film, and have made the transition to digital media with the use of my Nikon D3.

 I recently started shooting in High Dynamic Range images, or HDR Photography. At first, this kind photography didn’t catch my eye, but now, after working with it; it has grown on me. HDR photography helps photographers express themselves differently by giving pictures remarkable tonal highs & lows, as well as a mode of displaying vibrant colors while still remaining pure. I enjoy the process of capturing my subjects in a unique manner, carefully composing my subject through the viewfinder. Let’s call it “classic” styling with a modern twist.

 In a nutshell, I hope to capture special moments and people in images for others to enjoy. I invite you to share in what I do with passion.

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